Visualize the lyrical structure of pop songs using self-similarity matrices. (Best experienced on a screen bigger than a phone.)


I trained some restricted Boltzmann machines on short texts and got them to generate new ones. Here are some web apps that let you sample outputs from models trained on a few different domains:

The Hidden Unit Zoo shows visualizations of the hidden units of an RBM model trained on GitHub repos.

Visualizing char-CNN filters

Here are some visualizations of convolutional filters from a neural language model released by Google.

Sentences through the eyes of a language model

See how a language model (the same one as above) assigns probabilities to each word in a sentence. Explore random sentences from:

Tour of Heroes

Tour of Heroes is an incremental game implemented using Angular2. It’s in a rough beta-ish state. I’ll get around to finishing it eventually, maybe.

Other Links

Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?

A visual essay commissioned by The Pudding, exploring repetition in song lyrics with the help of a lossless compression algorithm.

Also, check out this standalone demo of applying the Lempel-Ziv compression algorithm to the lyrics of some pop songs.